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Service dog Info

Service dog Info
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Shopping for a card at Walmart
September 2006

Sheena is a PSD(Psychiatric Service Dog) and is being retired this year(2013).  Daya is a PSD in training.  A PSD is a type of service dog trained to assist their partner who has a mental illness.  Here is my favorite link that describe what a PSD is, does and how they are trained.
International Association of Assistance Dog Partners
This next link is to a page I created that is about Canadian Service Dogs and the regulations for each Province.
Canadian Service Dog Information

Canadian Service Dog Information



Daya at a Checkout at Canadian Tire

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Daya 8 Months old
At a Hair Salon at a Mall


Daya meeting an employee at Canadian Tire


I am a firm believer that service dogs should be dressed. Not all service dog users agree and that is their right but my opinion is that they should be. This is a clear indicator to business owners and patrons that the dog is not a pet and that it is working. Sheena and Daya have never been out in public without gear on to indicate they are working or training.

Daya 4-5 months old
At a City held pancake breakfast

Daya learning to look at me even with distractions