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This page is dedicated to teaching a dog to stay. I will have pictures to show the various stays. Now to teach a dog or puppy to stay you need to start with something very simply and only for a second or too. I always start all my training in the house. Best time is after they have been playing and are tired out. Sit with puppy on the floor. Puppy should be in front of you. You can have them in any position. Sit, stand, down. I prefer sit when first starting. Put them in the position you want then say (puppy’s name) stay. I also at the same time use a hand signal, flat hand palm facing puppy, sideways. That is my signal for stay. Count to 2 then if puppy didn't get up and stay in that position then praise excitedly. You could give a treat as a reward or a toy. I don't often treat training, I usually use my hands and voice as a reward or a toy. This way they are not always looking for food when you are training. If puppy gets up before the count of two don't say anything. Just reposition puppy and start counting to two again. Reposition puppy as many times as it take till they get it right. Once they get it right end the session. This way they always end on doing it right. Next time count to 3. As they keep doing well increase the time. If they start relapsing then decrease the time. Soon with this training you will have these results.

We took Sheena and Luca out to the school field for a bit of distraction training. It is always great to train them there because we always get a small crowd of people watching which provides great distractions since some usually have kids and dogs. We did distance sit stays, off leash, here are the pictures. Oh and if you are wondering why hubbies hands are crossed like that Luca is really distracted by hands. As soon as they are close to him he tries to make them pet him. Here they are doing distance sit stays.

Next we are demonstrating the distance down stays. Again basically the same thing only in a different position.