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Sheena was in an agility demo for my club on September 10th, 2005. It was hosted by the Humane Society for their annual Dog Jog charity event. We only had a small group of dogs from the club there. Only about 8 or so. But it turned out to be a really good show. We started off with each person walking their dog around the ring as the announcer introduced the dog and handler to the crowd. Then we did the agility course demo. It was a large course with 5 long lines in it. So way to many obstacles to list them all. In the middle was the weave poles. Just a small set(thank goodness). Sheena has only done the weave poles a couple of times without the gates up to guide. So she kept popping out. She did do it though with a lot of guidance from me. Anyway here are the agility pics. She is off leash in this part.

Sheena on the Dog Walk the second obstacle on the course

Sorry the person taking the photos had to hide behind a tree to take pics so as not to distract Sheena. After the agility demo we did musical mats. This is just like musical chairs except for dogs and with mats. We removed all the center obstacles and laid the mats in a line in the center. Then the dogs go stand in front of an obstacle around the outside. When the music starts we run our dogs around the ring and through the obstacles. When the music stops then you have to grab your dogs short leash and get them to get on a mat as fast as possible. The person and dog without a mat are out. Sounds easy right? Nope. Lol. It is so much fun though. Sheena made it to fourth. Then I made sure we didn’t get a mat since all that running had me ready to collapse. We must have gone around the course 6 or so times. It was a blast though. Here are the pictures.

Then we did a relay race with the dogs and the kids. There were 3 dogs on a team and 3 kids. I was on team two. The kids course was weave poles, tunnel and running around a barrel. Our course was jump, Dog walk and tunnel and then back around again. The kids beat team 1 twice. Then they race team two. Sheena was the anchor dog so she was last. The first race Sheena got two excited and missed her entry to the dog walk so we had to start again. So of course the kids beat our team. The second time Sheena knew what she was doing and flew over the course. I only went as far as the middle of the dog walk and sent her on to run through the tunnel her self and then back to the dog walk. So we beat the kids. Lol.

After that we did the high jump. They just steadily add more poles to make the jump higher as your dog jumps. Sheena got second place.

Sheena taking off

Sheena Landing

Sheena on the A-Frame she is almost finished the course

Starting to go around the course

Still going around

Only relay race picture

Sheena back on the dog walk ending the course

Getting on her mat

By this time you can see Sheena is full of energy but I am exhausted so I let her work ahead of me.

Sending her on to the next obstacle