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Gift Of Grace Kennels

Daya Graceful Gift Beli Andeo

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Daya is a Berger Blanc Suisse or otherwise known as a White Swiss Shepherd.  She is FCI registered.  She was whelped on March 31, 2012.  She comes from excelent lines with both working and show dogs in her lineage.  Her siblings are also doing well with one of her brothers exceling in the show ring.  Daya is training to become my new PSD.  If everything continues as well as they are going in her training our future hopes will be that she will become our knew foundation bitch for our kennel.  Producing future Service Dogs to give the gift of independance to their handlers. 

Daya Graceful Gift Beli Andeo
Daya at 7 months old

Daya's Sire

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Daya's Dam
Guadalupe White Apache

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